Our Services

For our respected Clients, we provide software development service basing on two most popular approaches: Outsourcing and Outstaffing, or any combination of them that could be expedient for each specific case.

Outsourcing model.

With the Outsourcing model, the Client’s field of responsibility is to give us full image of business process and functional requirements, which has been analyzed together to implement the project that solves Client’s problem. The rest can be done by Biruza Software.

We cover full cycle of the project, including:

  • Business Process analysis and Functional Requirements definition.
  • Functional Specification development.
  • Prototyping, User Interface design.
  • System Architecture design.
  • Platfom and Tools selection.
  • Technical Specification development.
  • Development Process.
  • Deployment.
  • Acceptance Testing.
  • Release.
  • Technical Support and System Maintenance.
  • Further System Enhancements and Improvements.
  • Full Testing coverage for all respective stages.

Biruza Software can be involved for any or all of steps, basing on Time&Material cost (hourly or monthly cost for each involved specialst basing on his/her experience, role, technology, and responsibility), Fixed time and cost estimations (for whole project or its parts), or mixed model (some parts of the Project can be done basing on fixed cost while other parts, especially changing during the process or requiring involving specialists ad-hoc by demand on part time basis, can be done with time&material way).

Outstaffing model.

This model of service becomes more and more popular present days, especially for Product development and Consulting companies, or for any business requiring permanent IT services, who want to have a productive and cost-effective offshore team for their projects or internal IT needs on constant basis, but doesn’t want to hold and maintain his own on-site or offshore offices for that.

This way the Client has his own, fully dedicated and secured team (outstanding or as part of his distributed team), on constant basis, working and being maintained in our offices, under the Clients management in part of the development process itself.

In Outstaffing model, client:

  • Decides the team size and structure, development paradigms, methods, and approaches.
  • Selects specialists for the team from a pool of suggested candidates.
  • Decides and deals with hired specialists about salaries, vacations, and other terms and conditions for the job.
  • Manages and controls the development process.

Biruza Software, for a fixed administration fee, takes care about all the rest beside the development process itself:

  • Keeping hands on pulse of each project/team continuously: watching mood and relations within the team, resolving possible conflicts, watching productivity, psychological support, technical and organizational consulting if required.
  • Headhunting and hiring personnel on demand: we have a lot of contacts and followups to find people of any required profile, a big base of CVs, contacts in headhunting agencies etc.
  • Legal and accounting support: all aspects of the process are fully conforming to Ukrainian and Georgian laws
  • Office space, all equipment and infrastructure required for comfortable and non-interruptable development process: neither customer nor developers/PMs need to care about searching and renting office space, providing any equipment required for the process, dealing with local service providers etc.
  • Reliable Internet connectivity.
  • Comfortable work and rest environment: great conditions for calm work, a lot of stuff for renewing – training equipment, table tennis, fuzzball, food&rest areas etc.
  • Financial flows with minimum paperwork required for the customer: customers pay monthly or according to specific agreements to a single entity, and we take care about the rest like transferring salaries, paying taxes, etc.
  • Team building: Biruza Software invests very much of funds and efforts to keep people enthusiastic to work here. Regular barbeque/birthday parties, sport events like football/basketball, forest travels for whole company, continuous efforts for keeping friendly unofficial atmosphere within each team across whole company.
  • Education and professional growth beside the project duties: English courses on regular basis for entire company, sending developers to forums/seminars by profile, regular local forums for sharing skills, approaches, and technologies between different teams, good and constantly fulfilling library of technical books.
  • Anything besides managing development process itself that could not be listed above.

Mixed model.

Any way of flexible mixing of these models is possible, for example, for the Client having a solid outstaffed team, we can involve additional specialists on temporary or part-time basis for doing outstanding jobs or parts of the main project.