About us

Who we are

Shebix SRB DOO is a Serbian-based IT company doing business as Biruza Sofware, the name well-known for our customers working with us during many years.

Started in 1999 as a small team of friends doing freelance programming jobs, branded in 2002, incorporated in Ukraine in 2004, and transferred in 2018 to Serbian company Shebix SRB DOO, we are dynamically growing IT company providing full cycle of offshore web, mobile, and desktop software development in wide variety of fields and industries.

Shebix SRB (dba Biruza Software) is currently based in Beograd, Serbia with Administrative office, and has several R&D offices located in Poltava, Kiev, Odessa (Ukraine, GMT+2), Tbilisi, (Georgia, GMT+3) with 50+ full-time professionals (project managers, system architects, developers, testers, designers, technical writers, 1/2/3-line support specialists) and wide pool of freelancers that can be involved by demand.

What we do

We provide full spectrum of ways and approaches for IT projects development: outsourcing on time/material basis, dedicated teams, fixed cost projects; outstaffing; mixed models.

In outsourcing, we do any stage or full cycle of software projects development: from idea/prototyping to deployment and technical support. Read more.

In outstaffing, the client has his own dedicated and secured team (outstanding or as part of his distributed team) under his own management in part of project development, and we take care about everything else (beside development process itself) for a fixed administration fee. Read more.

In our business, we always tend to build long time relationships and collaboration with our clients. Some clients continue working with us 12+ years, consistently building and extending successful cooperation.

Why choose us – Quick Facts

  • Over 20 years experience in IT and Software Development industry.
  • Focus on customer satisfaction: quality, reliability, and cost efficiency.
  • Tens of satisfied clients and hundreds of completed and deployed or published projects.
  • Full variety of business models, approaches, methodologies, and technologies to meet any customer needs.

Biruza” [biru’za] is the Slavic word for “turquoise”. According to the legend, turquoise is “a stone of happiness, symbol of reconciliation, but it brings misfortune for unscrupulous people.