Web-based software that allows residents, condo boards and property managers to securely post scheduled notifications on LCD/LED screens in real-time, using a personalized user account similar to how social media platforms work.
Back-end: PHP
Front-end: .NET, WPF
Scope: Community, Social
Client: CBM Networks

Contiki ECM

The Contiki ECM core product covers the full contract lifecycle from cradle to grave – from a need for a contract arises in the organization to contract closeout. It supports all contract processes and contract types like purchasing, sales, partnering, joint venture and more.
Back-end: ASP.NET, WCF
Front-end: .NET
Scope: Financial, Enterprise
Client: CMA Contiki

TouchTaxi Media

Web-based software that pushes advertising and media content on 10.4 inch touch-screens inside city cabs. The screen informs consumers of authentic events and promotions, directs them to local products and services, and reinforces brand images.
Back-end: PHP
Front-end: Android
Scope: Advertisement, Media
Client: TouchTaxi Media


Mobile Content Management offers full remote control of smartphones over the web, content managing and trasferring between phones of even different OS, and securing data when phones are lost or stolen. Phones are easily and remotely locked, located, and wiped clean.
Back-end: ASP.NET
Front-end: iOS, Android, WinPhone, Symbian, Java
Scope: Security, Mobile Content
Client: LapBack AS

Mistery Shopper

Mobile software that helps “Mistery Shoppers” do their job and perform specific tasks such as purchasing a product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way, and then provide detailed reports or feedback about their experiences.
Back-end: ASP.NET
Front-end: iOS, Android
Scope: Market Research, Quality of service
Client: QCM

Online Workshops

Online Courses platform for providing distance learning in any field. Currently published are scope of online courses for health care facility employees, teachers, child care employees, school psychologists, and other professionals working with children.
Back-end: ASP.NET
Front-end: Any browser
Scope: Online Education
Client: Xyborg Inc.

LifeVision Product Family

Mobile-oriented online marketing platform that includes mobile Websites/microsites Builder and Content Management System for mobile web sites, Mobile Marketing email/SMS gateway, and Mobile App generator.
Back-end: ASP.NET
Front-end: Android, iOS, WinPhone
Scope: Online Marketing
Client: LifeVision AS

NDA Protected Projects

We wish we could publish all projects we did, but unfortunately, some of them (and sadly most of really big, feature and technology rich, enterprise level projects) are covered by NDA’s and we can’t disclose any information about client or/and application. All we can do is to give a brief image of fields and technologies of some of those projects.
Scopes: Enterprise, Corporate, Financial, E-Commerce, Industry
Clients: NDA

Older projects in our portfolio can be viewed here.